Monstera Deliciosa Large
Monstera Deliciosa Large
Monstera Deliciosa Large

Monstera Deliciosa Large

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Monstera Deliciosa has fast become the "in" plant. This rainforest celeb will take over a giant corner in your house if you let it!

There is so much to love about this gorgeous plant, from it's unique heart-shaped leaves, to it's impressive ability to bring the jungle into your living room. And fortunately for us plant lovers, the Monstera is incredibly easy to care for!

Note: This grade is double planted in a 20cm pot. This larger grade version provides a full and exotic looking plant

Please be aware the purchased plant will vary from the product image 


Plant Care


A bright lounge is perfect for Monstera, but harsh direct sun needs to be avoided as it will scorch and yellow his leaves.


Water when the top soil is dried out. Ease off on the watering in the winter as they like to relax in the colder months. Regular watering and feeding is essential for lush new growth in the warmer months.