Large Zanzibar Gem

Large Zanzibar Gem

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The Zanzibar Gem (ZZ)  seems to not be able to work out whether she's a fern, a succulent or, the world's oldest plant, a cycad! But, thankfully, it's taken the best from each and created an excellent candidate for a low maintenance plant. The upright growth, dark-green colouring, distinctive shape and her tolerance of shade make her perfect for any room within your home.

The ZZ can improve the quality of air in an indoor space. But unlike others, she can also improve human health in these spaces, as it's recently been found that she can remove carcinogens, such as Benzene, that are often found in a home.

This grade is in a 20cm pot and large.

(Zamioculcas, Zanzibar Gem)


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